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digital technologies

The use of digital technologies is a mandated component of the Victorian Curriculum F-10. At Gisborne PS Primary School, we aim to provide all students with knowledge of and safe access to digital technologies to support the best possible learning.

We recognise that carefully planned, safe and appropriate use of digital technologies, including the internet can provide rich opportunities to support learning and development. Access to digital technologies allows students to benefit from learning that is interactive, collaborative, personalised and engaging.

We believe that the use of digital technologies allows the development of valuable skills and knowledge and further prepares students to thrive in our globalised and inter-connected world. Our school’s vision is to empower students to use digital technologies safely and appropriately to reach their personal best and fully equip them to contribute positively to society as happy, healthy young adults.

We provide banks of notebook computers and iPads that are shared between grades and used as required by students. The use of these school-owned technologies increase as students’ progress through the school.