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The study of English (Reading & Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening) is a key priority at Gisborne Primary School. It is through the study of English that our students learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them.

At Gisborne Primary School we follow a structured Literacy approach, which is centred around our whole school instructional model. This means that our students receive explicit and systematic instruction in reading and writing. Our Reading program is firmly grounded in the ‘Science of Reading’, with students in the early years focusing on and using synthetic phonics, phonemic awareness and decodable readers.

Gisborne Primary School has developed a spelling, reading, handwriting and grammar and punctuation model that teachers use to plan, teach, assess and support students at their point of need. We focus on building knowledge and comprehension through the use of rich mentor texts, where students receive daily instruction on fluency and vocabulary. We also link our Humanities topics to our Reading and Writing programs to ensure students have multiple exposures to new learning and the opportunity to continually build upon this knowledge.

Our leadership team work closely together to identify students requiring additional support in English, offering the MiniLit and Reading Tutor Programs, tutoring and ES support as part of our intervention work for reading and writing. We also offer a range of extension opportunities such as Writer’s Club, VHAP and critical thinking classes.