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Extra curricular

Buddies Program

The essential characteristic of a buddy system is that it supports students’ transition during their first year of school. It involves older students participating in supportive and informal activities with younger students, building positive relationships. This helps younger students to feel safe and cared for, while the older students feel helpful and valued. Our foundation students are supported by Year 5 buddies and this continues when they progress to Year 1.

Academic Extension

Gisborne Primary School has a number of programs operating throughout the year to provide enrichment activities and experiences for students. 


  • Maths Olympiad and Maths Games – students in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in these National competitions, learning and developing valuable maths problem solving skills, whilst competing against other schools across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Writers’ Club – students in Years 4-6 can apply for Writers’ Club, which aims to extend, challenge and motivate our young writers.
  • Victorian High Ability Classes – students in Years 5-6 can be selected/nominated to participate in online classes that extend and expose students to new concepts in English and Maths.
  • Critical Thinking Groups – students in Years 2-5 participate in critical thinking sessions that aim to extend and deepen their thinking and reasoning skills in Maths, Reading and Writing.
  • Student Excellence Program – provides access to extension classes that enrich and develop students understanding in areas such as Writing, Maths and Science
  • Mathspace platform – licenses are purchased for students in Years 2-6 that have been identified as working above level in Maths. This challenges them to work through concepts at their point of need.
  • High Ability Practice Leader – one of our Learning Specialist staff works closely with extension students in F-6, to assess, monitor, set goals and plan at their point of need.
  • Individual Education Plans – Teachers modify the curriculum to meet children’s individual learning needs. 

At Gisborne Primary School we highly value the connection we have with our community and the opportunities for our students to showcase their talents in a variety of ways. Families, friends and community members are often invited to participate in whole school events such as our annual music recital, footy day, Italian day, student talent show, assemblies, school disco, small business market, classroom open days, end of year concert and Book Week parade.


At Gisborne Primary School, the Humanities are taught through Reading and Writing units whenever possible, to ensure students receive multiple exposures to new vocabulary, themes, facts and ideas, whilst engaging with rich texts related to their focus topics. Humanities includes the study of Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business and Geography and History, which includes a focus on different societies and cultures.  Students use their critical thinking skills to collaborate, research, explore and apply their knowledge, showcasing their new learning and understandings. 

Kitchen Garden

Students in Years 4-5 participate in our Kitchen Garden program, which is run onsite with classroom teachers and Education Support Staff. Students engage in lessons involving gardening, kitchen and garden science, sustainability and of course, cooking! The Kitchen Garden program teaches a variety of skills including collaboration, team-work, responsibility and critical thinking. 


Our extensive school library gives students access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books to browse, borrow and read. Each week students participate in library sessions that focus on developing a love of literature through the reading of highly acclaimed mentor texts and participation in reading and writing activities. Our library is open during recess and lunchtimes for those students who like to participate in quieter activities during their break times, such as drawing, colouring, listening to stories, puzzles and quiet games. 


Students at Gisborne Primary School are also invited to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge each year, with all participating students partaking in a celebration morning tea run by our PFA, to celebrate their achievements. 

Lunch & Recess Activities

During break times we run numerous activities and clubs across the school to give students the option of participating in things that may interest them. Our library and STEM room are available for those students who prefer quiet activities such as drawing, reading, puzzles, board games and Lego. Our gym caters for those students who prefer to run around and play games inside. We also have student leaders running activities during break times such as sports, Art and Chess. 


We have some very talented musicians at Gisborne Primary School, with many of our students participating in the wide range of extra-curricular music lessons that are available. These sessions are run on-site by external providers, which are at a cost to those wanting to engage. Students can choose from a variety of options including piano, guitar, keyboard, percussion and violin. The teachers running these programs liaise closely with our music teachers to participate in various events across the school, including our music recital and lunchtime concerts.  


At Gisborne Primary School we run a very successful sports program, with teams regularly progressing to Division and Regional levels. Our students have high expectations of their sporting capabilities, which is evident through the values they display when competing, such as respect, pride, personal best and good sportsmanship. We run sports carnivals for athletics, cross country, swimming and orienteering and highly value all students participating in these activities at their ability level. In years 5/6, students can try out for numerous sports including netball, AFL, soccer, softball, basketball and tennis. 

Student Leaders

Students at Gisborne PS are encouraged to build agency and their ‘voice’ in everyday learning and through the many leadership opportunities offered. Our school captains lead assemblies, run school tours, welcome school visitors and represent the school at community events such as Anzac Day. 

Other leadership initiatives include Class and House Captains. Each classroom is led by two Class Captains with representatives (when needed) for the Arts, Library, STEM, Sports, Italian, Communication, Health, Sustainability and Community groups, each led by Year 6 student leaders. 

Our Year 6 student leaders meet each week with their mentor teachers to create action plans for whole school events. This includes developing ideas, planning and organising resources, meeting with leadership and organising the events. Some of the events that our captains have led include chess competitions, music concerts and recitals, mural competitions, book week celebrations, Italian Days, sports days and fundraisers.