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Gisborne Primary School has a strong intervention program which operates in every classroom and learning environment across the school. The Disability Inclusion approach builds capacity of our staff to support students with implementing purposeful adjustments. We have a partnership with an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist who work with staff to develop strategies for the classroom.

We follow the framework of the Response to Intervention Model, meaning that students requiring additional support are provided with group interventions and students requiring more intensive support are provided with small group of one-on-one interventions. We identify children for intervention based on their assessment results from class and closely track growth of identified children to evaluate the effectiveness of our interventions.

Our Education Support Staff work with classrooms to support students with their teaching and learning needs. To complement our Social, Emotional Learning approaches across the school, they also take small groups of students to develop strategies in this area.

Individual Learning Plans (IEPs) are created for students who fall outside the quality differentiated program in the classroom. Targeted goals are written to the student’s individual needs and are reviewed regularly.