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Mathematics provides students with access to important mathematical ideas, knowledge and skills that they will consistently draw upon in their personal and work lives. The Mathematics Curriculum comprises number and algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics and probability.

At Gisborne Primary School, the teaching and learning of Mathematics is centred around our whole-school instructional framework. Teachers work collaboratively to plan rich, meaningful and engaging learning experiences, with ongoing assessment processes embedded, which allows teachers to tailor learning activities to target and support individual needs. Students are engaged in real-life mathematical situations and have opportunities to work collaboratively to problem solve and learn from each other.

The deep learning of mathematical concepts and skills is fostered through the lens of the four mathematics proficiencies, which are embedded in lessons across the school. These include: ‘Understanding’, connecting the how and the why of mathematical concepts; ‘Fluency’, readily selecting and carrying-out mathematical procedures; ‘Problem-solving’, interpreting and investigating problem-situations and ‘Reasoning’, explaining, proving and justifying choices.

Extension programs such as Maths Games and Maths Olympiad take place from Year 4. This provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop valuable maths problem solving skills, while fostering an appreciation of maths and its application to the real-world.