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school council

School Council is the body of parents and staff who meet monthly to develop the policies and plans for the future. It oversees the finances, buildings and grounds developments, and ensures that community views become a part of the running of the school. School Council usually meets on the third Wednesday of every month.


School Council Office Bearers for 2024:

President – Ian Boorman

Vice President – Trent Everest

Treasurer – Marissa Juergens

Staff Representatives:

  • Matthew Forrest
  • Lisa Maxwell
  • Justine Elliott
  • Sarah Stuart-Higgs

Parent Representatives:

  • ​Ian Boorman
  • Kirsty Price
  • Trent Everest
  • Matthew Whykes
  • Brydie Hoyne

Community Representatives:

  • Elyse MacDonald
  • Marissa Juergens